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HR Manager

  • shiv Samarth Residency, Kerala
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Full Time
1 month ago


• Manages talent acquisition process, including sourcing, testing, interviewing, hiring and onboarding
• Keeps job descriptions up-to-date, accurate and compliant with relevant federal, state and local laws for all positions
• Develops training and performance management program that ensures all employees are familiar with their job responsibilities, as well as relevant legal and safety requirements
• Creates and updates compensation strategy through market analysis and pay surveys
• Handles investigation and resolution of employee issues, concerns and conflicts
• Ensures all employment practices comply with federal, state and local regulations


  1. HR Policies and Procedures:

    • Develop and implement HR policies and procedures that align with legal requirements and organizational goals.
  2. Recruitment and Selection:

    • Create effective strategies for attracting, hiring, and onboarding talented employees.
    • Develop job descriptions and job specifications.
    • Conduct interviews and background checks.
  3. Employee Records:

    • Maintain accurate records of all employees, including personal and professional details, contracts, and performance evaluations.
  4. Training and Development:

    • Identify training needs and provide opportunities for employees to develop their skills.
    • Create training programs and workshops.
  5. Performance Management:

    • Establish a performance management system that includes regular feedback, appraisals, and goal setting.
    • Address performance issues and provide recognition for outstanding performance.
  6. Compensation and Benefits:

    • Develop a competitive compensation structure and benefits package.
    • Ensure compliance with wage and hour laws.
  7. Employee Relations:

    • Manage employee relations by addressing grievances, conflicts, and concerns.
    • Promote a positive workplace culture and employee engagement.
  8. Legal Compliance:

    • Stay updated on labor laws and regulations.
    • Ensure that all HR practices are in compliance with legal requirements.
  9. Diversity and Inclusion:

    • Promote diversity and inclusion within the organization.
    • Implement programs and initiatives to create an inclusive workplace.
  10. Health and Safety:

    • Ensure a safe and healthy work environment by implementing safety protocols and procedures.
  11. Employee Engagement:

    • Implement strategies to increase employee engagement and job satisfaction.
    • Conduct surveys and feedback sessions to gauge employee morale.
  12. HR Technology:

    • Utilize HR software and technology to streamline HR processes, such as payroll, timekeeping, and performance management.
  13. Termination and Offboarding:

    • Develop policies and procedures for handling employee terminations and offboarding.
    • Conduct exit interviews to gather feedback.
  14. Strategic HR Planning:

    • Align HR strategies with the organization's overall business goals.
    • Forecast future HR needs and plan for talent acquisition and development accordingly.
  15. Reporting and Analytics:

    • Use data and analytics to make informed HR decisions and monitor key HR metrics.
  16. Employee Handbook:

    • Create and maintain an employee handbook that outlines policies and procedures for employees.

Job Details

  • Company :- QFONAPP LIMITED
  • Location :- 5th floor Silver Square Complex Vrundavan Party Plot Rd, opp. Dipak School shiv Samarth Residency Kerala 382350
  • Job Type :- Full Time
  • Experince :- 0 - 2 Year
  • Salary :- ₹ 10000 - 15000
  • No of Vacancy :- 15

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Mr. Swapnil Panwar

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