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Server Administrator

  • Ahmedabad, Gujarat
  • IT & Agency
  • Full Time
10 months ago


A Server Administrator is responsible for the computer servers of an organization. This individual ensures on a daily basis that they are running efficiently by performing upgrading and maintenance tasks on hardware and software, resolving technical problems, overseeing their activity levels, ensuring server security, and developing new system structures when necessary.

Also known as System Administrators, they manage both servers and networks to ensure their smooth functioning. They also keep track of data entering or exiting the organization to secure the networks. Because of the nature of this job, they need to be prepared to report to work round-the-clock.

A central computer is a client-server network, referred to also as a server, where data and other resources are hosted. PCs, laptops, and mobile devices, etc. are clients that contact the server to utilize data or share its other resources.

Administrators should have excellent communication (written and oral) skills. They should be able to think analytically and be adept at problem-solving.

Administrators need to be physically fit, as their job entails working outdoors, working at heights, lifting and relocating equipment, etc.  They must also be ready to work flexible hours.


Managing Server & Workstations
Renewal of Licenses taken by the company
Knowledge of SSL, DNS etc
New system upgrades or server fixes.
Setup and maintain documentation and standards.

Job Details

  • Company :- QFONAPP LIMITED
  • Location :- Ahmedabad Gujarat
  • Job Type :- Full Time
  • Experince :- 0 to 1 year
  • Salary :- ₹ 8000 to 15000
  • No of Vacancy :- 1

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