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Every year, more than 1 million job seekers embark on their career journeys with our website as their trusted guide.

Job List / Applied job list

Easily browse and apply for jobs posted by various organizations on AJobMan. Plus, keep track of your applications with our dedicated applied job list feature.

Advanced Search & Filter

Refine your job hunt with AJobMan advanced search and filter features. Narrow down by skills, industry, salary, and more to find the perfect opportunity.

Refer & Reward

Build your career and network on AJobMan. Connect with talented individuals, match them with jobs, and earn rewards for successful referrals.

Explore Opportunities by category

Discover your ideal career match with over 800+ new job postings added everyday.

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Awesome Features

AJobMan stands out as a formidable force, boasting a comprehensive suite of features that seamlessly adapt to your needs. From captivating profiles to intuitive interfaces, personalised support to a vibrant community, AJobMan empowers your journey towards career success.

Simple friendly interface

In AJobMan is simple and friendly, warmth meets efficiency. It's familiar, comfortable, and altogether perfect for fueling your job hunt.

Personalised user support

AJobMan walks with you, suggesting relevant gigs, crafting interview hacks, and connecting you with a dedicated cheerleader.

Resume Builder

AJobMan resume builder makes it easy to highlight your skills and experience, captivating recruiters and landing you your dream job.

Great community

AJobMan is not just a job board, it's a thriving community. Which excites you and helps you land your dream job.

Unlimited Job Opportunities

AJobMan has job vacancies from all the top companies. Hence, one can easily browse through the list to select the job as per his desire.

Add Multiple Types profile

AJobMan offers multiple profile types, welcoming diverse backgrounds and experiences. Find your perfect fit and join our inclusive community.

App functionality illustrations

Our app's screens are meticulously designed to not only be visually appealing but also to provide an intuitive and effortless user experience.


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